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Flying has never been so easy

AviCharter is a new aviation company in the world of corporate and private charters. Our customers' experiences have taught us that doing business with just one company is not to their satisfaction anymore.
A customer needs a market. That is the European market of private jet-airline operators. Only then the customer can be sure to get the best deal.

The European charter market is a tough nut to crack though. It is hard to find the right operator, special offers often turn out more expensive than foreseen and an offer with no strings attached is unique. AviCharter can make it easy for you. Thanks to our established network, we are able to inform you about different rates and aircraft types throughout Europe. AviCharter knows what the European market has to offer. We make sure that you will never pay more than necessary. If you like, we can also book your accommodation, wherever you go.
From now on you will be able to arrange your transportation from no matter where you are and all through one single company. That company is AviCharter.

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